The National Building Code of Canada incorporates standards and requirements that builders must adhere to in order to ensure that people’s houses are built to minimum standards. And they are just that: minimums.

Some new code requirements for insulation recently came into effect to improve basic energy efficiencies for all new houses; once again, minimums. Many builders boast of going the extra mile “for you” by adopting these new requirements - calling themselves “green” - when, in reality, they are not permitted to give you any less.

With INNOVA BUILDERS’ philosophy that “Good enough is simply not good enough”, we build the outer envelope of your home, which dictates energy consumption and comfort, to a much higher standard.

Building Code Standard RequirementINNOVA BUILDERS Specification
• R-24 Exterior walls (Inefficient fibreglass batts and often-punctured poly vapour barrier used by most) that perform at R10-15• R-24 Exterior Walls (Highly efficient closed-cell spray foam insulation/air/vapour barrier system to a thickness proven to provide 96% heat retention)

• R-30 Ceiling (Inefficient fibreglass batts or cellulose by itself often used, with the same poly vapour barrier) • R-60 Ceiling (Highly efficient closed-cell spray foam insulation/ air/vapour barrier and cellulose combination system)

• R-20 Foundation walls (Same inefficient fibreglass batt/poly system used by most)

• R-24 Foundation Walls (Highly efficient closed-cell spray foam insulation/air/vapour barrier system)

• R-10 Under basement slab (Insulation board with seams and cracks typically used) • R-15 Under basement slab (Seamless high-density spray foam insulation/air/vapour barrier system that also blocks Radon gas)

The EBS Method we use gives you a 60% better insulation value - insulation that is also much more effective than typical - as well as a far better air/vapour barrier system, than the “standard”. Air and vapour transference through the walls/ceiling as well as thermal bridging and convective currents account for the largest loss of heat energy.

When INNOVA BUILDERS builds your home, you’re already many years ahead of other new houses; and that will pay off for you in terms of lower operating costs and increased market value to future buyers.

At INNOVA BUILDERS, we don’t believe in doing just the basics or providing the bare minimums to you. Once again, “Good enough” is simply not good enough.

In addition to standard manufacturers’ warranties, your home comes with 2 full years of warranty that covers installations and adjustments of everything. The heating and ventilation system even comes with a complete FIVE-year parts and labour warranty backed by the manufacturer. No other builder provides this level of protection.

You deserve this level of comfort that any issues will be taken care of for an exceptional length of time.

You deserve it because

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