INNOVA BUILDERS was born of a desire to see families get exactly what they deserve for their investment; a beautiful home that is truly well-built and provides a comfortable sanctuary for them. A home that is also a solid investment and provides them with the confidence that they are being environmentally responsible.

The founder is Andrew Alcorn, CET. Andrew is a Civil Engineering Technologist with more than 22 years of experience in civil construction and land development. Andrew has extensive project management experience and has sat on all “sides of the fence” from design and inspection to tendering and contract management; from contracting and construction auditing to consulting, planning, drawing production and environmental control implementation. Andrew takes pride in the relationships he has built within the industry including with the municipality, contractors and utility companies. He genuinely believes in the importance of listening to people and working with them to ensure what is built is what they want and done right.

Andrew is a single parent that has raised his 2 children since moving to the Halifax area 8 years ago and has been the chairperson of the Parent Committee of the 3036 Sackville Lions Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps since 2006.

There are 2 things Andrew loves to do; build things and help people. He is passionate about doing these things and derives a great sense of joy and satisfaction from accomplishing both.

After seeing too many houses built with various defects and sub-par workmanship, and hearing and seeing the troubles endured by new home owners; and noticing that most builders were still using outdated technologies when it comes to energy efficiency, Andrew decided it was time for someone to step up and create homes that are actually built to high standards in all areas, with a focus on energy and water usage efficiencies.

From this came our basic philosophy: It’s Time For A Change. Build homes people will love, that are truly environmentally responsible.

We believe some of the old “traditions” of house construction must be left behind. We don’t believe in cutting corners or doing substandard work. We do believe in applying new and existing technology properly to create a superior home.“Good enough” is simply not good enough.

There is a future to consider in everything we do. So let’s do it right.

Energy efficiency and water conservation are imperative to us at INNOVA BUILDERS. We profoundly believe that we are all responsible for reducing our energy and water consumption and doing all we can to minimize our environmental impact. We want our skies and waters to remain clear and blue and it starts with us in our homes.

Every home we partner with you to create will be built according to INNOVA BUILDERS’ Efficient Building System Method (EBS Method), consisting of the following MINIMUM standards:

» TRUE R24 walls (including the foundation) and R60 ceiling using 2lb closed-cell spray foam insulation as well as cellulose insulation (in the ceiling) derived from recycled materials. This provides a comprehensive all-in-one insulation, air and vapour barrier system that dramatically outperforms traditional wall systems and saves significantly on heating and cooling energy consumption.
» Additional measures that work with the insulation system to prevent air passage and heat transfer through the building envelope.
» Energy Star-rated doors and windows with low-E, Argon gas and thermal break spacers
» An ultra-high-efficiency heat pump and properly designed and balanced integrated heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system that, due to the design and construction of the home, requires only a fraction of the energy used by a “typical” house to provide all your heating and cooling needs. No fuel-burning furnaces required, no chimneys, no tanks, no fuel hazards, no carbon monoxide worries; just clean, safe, low-cost, low-maintenance heating and cooling
» A header-based water distribution system that virtually eliminates sudden temperature and pressure fluctuations
» Water-conserving plumbing fixtures
» Energy-efficient light fixtures
» Energy Star-rated appliances
» Solar-ready infrastructure to allow you to upgrade your system now, or in the future
» Passive solar design features incorporated to maximize natural light and the free energy of the sun
» Customized window selection based on location and orientation to the sun
» An integrated air filtration system that will ensure excellent air-quality, especially important to those with sensitivities, allergies and breathing-related concerns
» An EnerGuide rating of 83 or better. According to Natural Resources Canada, a rating of 80 or higher is considered “excellent”, and an R2000 home requires an EnerGuide rating of 83. CMHC offers rebates on the premium of your mortgage loan insurance, and longer amortizations, if your home has an EnerGuide rating of at least 80.

The combination of all these, as a whole-house system, will truly give you the best energy performance available and provide maximum comfort and air quality for your family year-round.

When you tour a pre-built house (also known as a “spec” house), you see the finish work. But what’s inside the walls? How is it really planned out and constructed where it counts and how do you know what’s in there if you have not seen it?

The new flooring, cabinets and paint look good, yet do nothing to determine the energy efficiency of the house, how comfortable the inside environment will be, or how much it will cost you to heat and cool it. The efficiency, comfort and air quality of your home are mostly controlled by things you cannot see.

We will walk you through the building process and explain the EBS Method we use. We work with you to carefully plan the layout of your home and how the systems are integrated to work within it for the best performance.

We encourage you to be involved and will show you what’s going on as your home is being built so you can see for yourself what is done, how it is done, and identify anything you may want to see different as the construction of your home progresses.

You’ll know exactly what you are getting; and you should, because

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