The building envelope of your home is by far the largest contributing factor to your home’s energy consumption. It consists of the foundation, walls, ceiling, roof, doors and windows, and is affected by any place that a pipe, wire or duct passes through them. It is what goes on inside the walls that matters, and design and construction of this part of the home determines how much energy you will use to keep your home heated and cooled. It will also dictate how quiet it will be and, along with the ventilation system and choice of finishing materials, determine air quality.

INNOVA BUILDERS’ Efficient Building System Method ensures your home will:
» Consume far less energy
» Consume less water
» Be quiet (significant reduction in exterior noise transmission)
» Be comfortable all year (warm in winter / cool in summer)
» Enjoy improved air quality by preventing exterior pollutants from entering the home
» Require little purchased energy to provide heat
» Be safer with no fuel burning of any kind
» Significantly reduce your future environmental impact
Have a higher-than-average future re-sale value

Actually, it will save you money.

When determining “cost”, remember that operating expenses account for a significant percentage of the monthly total. The investment you make up front to use the EBS method will be a small fixed one that will reduce your energy consumption to the point that you spend far less on your energy and water bills, lowering your overall costs, and make your home far more attractive and valuable to future buyers.

According to Conserve Nova Scotia, “Energy efficiency improvements are a solid investment. The up-front costs of energy upgrades are fixed when you build. Savings, however, continue to rise each time energy prices increase. Homes that use less energy insulate their owners from future price increases.”

You will be doing your part to significantly reduce water consumption, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, considering energy and water costs are projected to increase 15-50% in the next 1-5 years, you will quickly start seeing a return on your investment.

As an added bonus, you have no fuel burning going on in your home – no smells; no spills; no hazards; no carbon monoxide issues; no insurance issues; no tanks, chimneys or furnaces to maintain - and given that the future of electricity in Nova Scotia is heading toward renewable forms such as wind, tidal and solar, you can be confident that you are minimizing the impact of your home on the environment.

Extensive effort has been put into finding the right group of suppliers and skilled trades. From concept design to choice of finishes; from the excavation of the foundation to the final touches of paint and landscaping, every trade and craftsperson has been chosen because they share our philosophy that “Good enough” is simply not good enough.

Our passion is doing things the right way and being mindful of the impact we have on our surroundings. We take great pride in working with you to create something you and your family will call home.

You should be completely happy with the final result; and you will be, because


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